Mold remover formula

What products are best for the money

HOUSTON – The good weather can make you want to go out and clean your garden. In some cases, this means removing stubborn mold. Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing products to determine which ones work best to prepare your garden for summer.

Mold grows on siding, decks, fences, driveways and cement pavers. This is a common problem in our humid climate. There are a ton of products marketed to instantly eliminate things.

Consumer expert Amy Davis picked six. to show you how they work.

Jomax mold killer costs $ 8.98.

Home Armore Instant mold and mildew stain remover is $ 5.98

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Wet and forget about moss, mold. Stain remover for mold and algae costs $ 29.94

LA Totally Awesome All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser is just $ 1
– Clorox
– The vinegar

Most products are concentrated and require mixing. We have followed the instructions on each bottle. We used a different remover on 6 different concrete pavers that were covered in blackish green mold stains. Some, like Home Armor and Jomax, claim to remove stains immediately, while Wet & Forget says more stubborn stains can take up to 6 months to wash off. The formula breaks down mold over time with the help of rain.

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We used the same six strippers in different places of a wooden deck covered with mold stains.
After just 10 minutes the winner was clear.

The springboard and the part of the bridge sprayed with Home Armor showed the greatest improvement. Most of the mold on the deck was gone when we sprayed it with Home Armor. What was left wiped off quite easily with a paper towel.

The Jomax ran in second on deck. A mixture of bleach and water was the third most effective product.

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