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The secret to cleaning, disinfecting and removing mildew from rubber mats

Rubber or rubber mats have become widely used auxiliary equipment in areas such as: industry, working machinery, hotels, swimming pools, to ensure the protection of gym floor protectionbuilding entrance, inside cars And even anti-fatigue in the playroom for young children, anti-slip in showers, bathtubs and shock absorbers. but, And your cleaning?

The reason why more and more people choose them is because Provide stability and prevent slipping People with reduced mobility, such as children or the elderly, are also easy to install, durable, flexible and suitable for smooth surfaces such as ceramics, outdoor areas, indoors and continuous operation with liquids , because they are non-slip. And do you know better? Irubber mat cleaning It’s super easy and you don’t need more than two products!

How do you clean rubber mats?

Despite all its benefits and virtues, it gets dirty like everything else and accumulates bacteria and moisture. Therefore, it requires basic maintenance to prevent the nesting of microorganisms and fungi. would you like to know How to clean rubber or rubber mats, Follow these steps!

  1. fill a bowl warm soapy water dish cleaner
  2. Let the carpet soak for 10 minutes.
  3. After this time, scrub the rubber or rubber surface with a brush until the adhesive dirt is removed.
  4. If you have mold on it, sprinkle it with baking soda. Cover it completely and leave it on overnight.
  5. the next day, Add the white vinegar and brush to delete it. it’s a home remedies to eliminate dampness Very effective on carpets.
  6. Finally, if possible, hang it up or spread it out and Let dry outside in the sun or with a blow dryer of hair at medium temperature.

to consider: If it is a large carpet, it is not necessary to submerge it, soaking it directly in the ground will be enough to carry out the same process. Remember that it is important that it is completely dry to avoid the formation of fungus.

How to Clean Non-Slip Rubber Bathroom Mats

if you wish it clean rubber mats in the bathroom, shower or bathtubAfter removing the surface dirt and washing it with soap, as we mentioned before, in a basin or in the same bathtub closed with a stopper, prepare a solution lukewarm water and a little bleach (best disinfectant) and soak it for a few hours, scrub and let it dry.clean a bath mat

If you opt for natural products, a Powerful White Vinegar Cleansing Remedy with equal parts water. Immerse the carpet and let it soak for 1 hour. The dirtier it is, the longer it takes! Dry thoroughly in the sun or with a hair dryer on high heat to kill bacteria.

use: It is recommended to repeat this procedure: at least once a week,

Absolutely, Rubber mats are very easy to cleanThey do not require much attention, they are resistant and guarantee comfort. So if you still don’t have a house, a car, or any place in the house that you love –especially in places where it rains a lot– It’s time to have one!