Mold remover formula

The mold repellant you need for spring cleaning


The product is basically a gel formula designed to gradually remove mildew while erasing any leftover stains. Its main ingredient is sodium hypochlorite, which Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approves as effective household disinfectant. To use, simply apply one coat to a dry surface and let sit for at least five to six hours.

When my bottle arrived, I immediately applied it to a particularly nasty corner of my shower. I squeezed a fairly thick layer, fell asleep, and woke up with surprising results.


While it doesn’t look as sparkling new as it did the day I moved in, I’m so in awe of how much grime it has dissolved after just one application. It makes me feel a bit more like a functional adult, which is really all I’m looking for in my cleaning products.

I have since applied it to a few areas around my sink and the rest of my shower and remain impressed with its ease of use and ease of use. I also went back to my usual cleaning habits and had no other mold or mildew regrowth issues.

Amazon reviewers also shared impressive before and after photos, with over 1,800 verified customers leaving five-star reviews.

“This product was absolutely amazing. We have a tile ceiling inside our shower stall, and it’s difficult and inconvenient to clean,” said one. verified appraiser wrote. “This gel worked like a charm!”


“My shower now looks like new. These pictures are after one application, left on for about eight hours,” another review wrote.


So if you need a little help cleaning a dirty bathroom, the Skylar Life Anti-Mold & Anti-Mold Gel might just do the trick. You deserve a pristine temple of self-healing.

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