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The 4 best shower cleaners for mold

Whether you like to clean your bathroom or tend to delay it for as long as possible, the best shower cleaners for mold will do the job significantly Easier. These products cut through the grime to remove those stains and prevent them from reappearing so quickly.

While the best cleaners are successful in removing pesky mold and mildew in your shower, it’s important to know why they’re there in the first place. The the biggest source for both is humidity. If your bathroom has minimal ventilation, consider investing in a small dehumidifier or window fan with exhaust function, as these will help remove any residual moisture from your shower. Another good thing to have on hand is a plastic squeegee. Regularly using one to wipe water droplets off your shower tiles and / or door removes the breeding ground for mold.

With the problem under control, you can clean your shower on a schedule without worrying about excessive buildup between deep cleanings. It is important to note that most mold cleaners contain bleach, so always ventilate the area and wear personal protective equipment (eg rubber gloves) to be safe.

With all of that in mind, I’ve compiled different types of shower cleaners for the job, each with a rating of four stars or higher on Amazon. Read on to shop them all.


Best overall: this powerful stain remover

This mighty, RMR bleach based spray will easily cover larger problem areas – and it works in 15 seconds, according to the manufacturer, no scrubbing is required. Reviews (Did I mention this product has over 1000 reviews and an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars?) Say it smells strongly of bleach, but Is does wonders on shower mold. “I would have liked to have taken before and after photos. It was like magic,” said a satisfied customer. “The mold that was almost untouchable with a substandard product, magic cleaning sponges and a ton of elbow grease was gone in 10 minutes after a full soak with this spray. I cannot recommend it highly enough! “


Best value for money: this pack of two branded vaporizers

Clorox Plus Tilex Anti-Mold Spray is a good deal considering you’re getting two 16-ounce bottles for just over $ 10. It kills 99.9% of mold and just like the formula above, works very quickly. The manufacturer recommends leaving it on for about five minutes for really stubborn stains, and I can attest to that: it works. A few squirts of this bleach-based product plus my waiting time, and, I’m not kidding, mold just melted on my neglected shower walls. I just rinsed them well and continued my mold free life. Also, a great advantage of these particular spray bottles is that they are designed to remove every drop. Four stars on Amazon, five stars for me.


Best non-spray: this gel formula that works

For more concentrated areas, this gel formula from Skylarlife, which has over 600 reviews on Amazon, won’t disappoint. Unlike the previous two sprays, this product requires a longer waiting time (five to six hours) but will literally remove stains that you didn’t even know could be lifted, even on caulk. The gel applies cleanly and won’t go anywhere you don’t want it, plus its thin top and compressible body ensure precise application. While it doesn’t have a strong bleach smell, the brand recommends applying it with gloves. One reviewer wrote: “I was skeptical because nothing else seemed to clean the grout in the corners or the shower door along the base. I put some of this stuff on overnight and it all had looks new. “


Best prevention: this daily shower spray

Method Daily Shower Spray won’t get rid of mold like other products on this list, but it will help to prevent this. With over 500 reviews on Amazon, this eco-friendly, non-toxic formula is designed to be sprayed on after every shower. It has a refreshing eucalyptus and mint scent that can be used safely without personal protective clothing and removes mildew and soap scum on a daily basis. It’s also the cheapest option on this list, at $ 3 for a 28-ounce bottle. “I’m not generally impressed with cleaning shower sprays,” noted one happy Amazon reviewer, “but this one removes hard water stains from the chrome and keeps the rest of the shower mold free!”

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