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The 4 best dehumidifiers for mold


If you are facing hot weather and high humidity, mold can strike anytime. He tends to settle down humid spaces with a water source, like bathrooms and kitchens, and it can be difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, the best dehumidifiers for mold can help you dry it.

Once you’ve spotted mold or smelled its characteristic musty scent (see: how to spot mold in your home), you’ll want to assess the rest of your home first before deciding on a dehumidifier. If the mold is confined to one area or room, a small efficient dehumidifier which can remove about 16 gallons of water from the air at a time will likely do the trick. But if you have mold in a large, open space, like a basement or even an entire floor of your home, you’ll want to invest in a much larger machine that can filter up to 8 gallons of moisture per use.

Any dehumidifier you choose should also have overflow safety devices. Make sure to look for a dehumidifier with automatic shut-off when the tank is full. Alternatively, you can also invest in a machine that allows for a hose attachment to help drain so you never have to worry about overfilling.

Mold is a drag, but choose the best dehumidifier for your home can not be. Here’s a look at some great options for getting rid of mold for good.

Editor’s Note: Since the exhibition at mold can cause health problems for people who are sensitive to it, you can also approach a professional to assess the situation and advise you.


Best for the Whole Home: Ivation Energy Star 50 Quart Dehumidifier

This super efficient dehumidifier can remove moisture from your entire home in a flash. It can remove up to 50 pints (or about 6 gallons) of moisture from the air per day and covers up to 3,000 square feet of open space. This machine is also very low maintenance – just place it in a safe and dry place, plug it in and select the setting. The LED display lets you know your humidity level, fan speed and how much time you have before your tank is filled. And bonus: while this dehumidifier is a workhorse, it’s also efficient and Energy Star certified.

What the fans are saying: “Living in a swamp comes with predictable humidity outside, and this dehumidifier does wonders for indoor humidity. Since receiving this, the humidity levels inside my house have dropped from 77% to 48%. There is a noticeable difference in the “humidity” of the air. inside my house, and the comfort level has increased. “


Best for the basement: the homeLabs Energy Star 30 pint dehumidifier

If you have a mold problem in your basement, this large dehumidifier can do the trick. First, it’s designed to remove up to 30 pints (or 4 gallons) of moisture from a medium to large open room, which covers most basements. But best of all, this machine also has multiple humidity settings and a 24 hour duty cycle so you can dry your carpet, tiles or walls without interruptions. And if you don’t want to have to empty the tank, this dehumidifier also has space for a hose (not included) to attach for easy emptying. Just twist the hose, run it through the basement window, and take it straight out into the garden. With over 1,000 positive reviews, it’s easy to see why this dehumidifier is a fan favorite.

What the fans are saying: “I bought this for use in my basement. This room smelled quite damp. I had never used a dehumidifier in my house before and was shocked at how quickly it filled the room. bucket. Within a few days, I noticed that the smell of dampness was gone from my spooky storage room in the basement. Regarding the electricity costs, I did not notice any increase on my bill. ”


The best for the kitchen: the Afloia electric dehumidifier

This ultra quiet dehumidifier Works great in kitchens or other busy rooms without interrupting your conversation. This machine is sleek and compact, making it easy to store discreetly on a kitchen counter or in a space between cabinets. It also has an automatic shut-off sensor when the tank begins to fill and is powered by an AC adapter, making it easy to unplug the machine to empty the tank. This dehumidifier emits a low hum of less than 42 decibels for soothing (but still quite quiet!) White noise in the background.

What the fans are saying: “I live in Florida. Summer is a season of hurricanes and thunderstorms. This dehumidifier currently in use works great, there is no noise, it is lightweight and it really improves the humidity in the house.


Best for Bathrooms and Closets: Pro Breeze Mini Electric Dehumidifier

This portable dehumidifier does the job without taking up too much space. At just 2 pounds, this little device can be easily stowed away in almost any bathroom or closet space and kept out of sight. It extracts moisture from about 150 square feet and removes up to 9 ounces of water per use. It also has an automatic shut-off when the tank is overfilled, and the LED light will let you know when it’s time to empty it and start over. Critics rave about the proper functioning of this economic unit.

What the fans are saying: “This unit is amazing. I don’t often say that about the products. Within 24 hours the unit was half full. The humidity in my bedroom / bathroom was 80%. The unit l ‘has lowered to 73%. It’s calm [and] can fit in the smallest space. “

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