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Murrieta Home Repair and Reconstruction Company Helps Homeowners Fix Mold

Five Star Restoration, a reputable Murrieta home repair and reconstruction company, recently educated readers on how to recognize the signs of toxic mold and what to do about it.

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October 4, 2022 8:00 a.m. PDT

MURRIETA, Calif., October 4, 2022 ( –
Quoting the CDC, Murrieta Five Star Restoration’s home repair and reconstruction company in a recent article on toxic mold, How To Tell If Your House Is Toxic: 7 Mold Myths, shows just how bad mold growth can be. bad.

Thanks to Murrieta’s team of mold remediation experts, readers can better understand how to recognize the signs and symptoms of toxic mold.

Mold: it’s all around

After explaining that while growing mold in the home is probably hazardous to your health, mold itself is a helpful environmental process that helps break down organic matter.

However, once potentially toxic mold has taken hold in a home, thanks to a mix of mold spores and moisture, things change quickly.

“One of the main signs of toxic mold in the home is worsening health conditions like asthma and allergies,” says Nick Smuts of Five Star Restoration.

Indeed, according to the CDC, the science has been established regarding toxic mold and respiratory problems.

Signs of mold

As established, mold thrives on moisture and spores. Many harmful growths occur due to the presence of flood water, an unexpected ceiling leak, and high humidity in the home.

Likewise, something as harmless as putting your air conditioner in a dark, warm place during the summer can cause real headaches next summer.

“Make sure [air conditioners are] clean is crucial to keeping your family safe. When you don’t use an air conditioner, what’s left? A warm, dark environment conducive to mold growth. The next time you take your AC unit out for the summer heat, you might be greeted by mold growth,” says Smuts.

In this case,” the article continues, “replacing this air conditioning unit is a good idea. Be sure to check your A/C unit for damage and mold growth. If it’s a window unit, it’s often a good idea to replace it.”

Peeling wallpaper, dark spots on the walls, allergies and colds that won’t go away are all signs that mold has grown. In short, even a little water damage in the house can trigger a mold domino effect negatively affecting your family.

Eliminating Mold in Southern California with Five-Star Restoration

However, all of these signs and symptoms can be corrected. With Five Star Restoration’s mold remediation team in Murrieta, homeowners can have professionals comb the home for mold.

It is imperative, according to Five Star Restoration, that after flooding and water leaks in the kitchen or bathroom, you call them as soon as possible for help in putting things back in place.

Five Star Restoration assures its dedication to mold remediation in Murrieta. “The most important thing,” says Smuts, “is keeping families safe.”

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