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In their recent update, Murrieta home repair and reconstruction company 5 Star Restoration explains how dangerous a simple ceiling leak can be for homeowners.

…delaying the repair of water damage is a huge faux pas. Even a minor flooded basement is a concern, even after cleaning. But what happens when a problem comes from the ceiling?

—Nick Smuts

MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA, USA, Sept. 27, 2022 / — In keeping with its commitment to the community, Five Star Restoration informs readers via its blog about a specific issue that thousands of homeowners face every year: a pesky ceiling leak.

While we instinctively reach for buckets to catch the regular drips from above, Five Star Restoration warns that these seemingly innocent ceiling leaks can lead to bigger problems.

Learn more about ceiling leaks: where do they start?

In his recent article, Ceiling Dripping Water? Here’s what to do, the Five Star Restoration team, led by Nick Smuts, explains,

“It’s time to be proactive. [Homeowners] can wait and have a bucket to collect water from a roof leak. But postponing water damage repair is a huge faux pas. Even a minor flooded basement is a concern, even after cleaning. But what happens when a problem comes from the ceiling?

The first thing to do is to determine the source of the leak.

After all, these do not happen alone. Some of the most common causes of ceiling leaks are poor attic ventilation, damaged roof shingles, damaged chimney, blocked gutters, and holes in the roof.

And that’s not all; a simple ceiling leak can easily damage and ruin property and cause untold water damage in the home.

Get rid of ceiling leaks

Five Star Restoration says it’s time to ditch the proverbial bucket and act fast. After determining where the leak is coming from, it’s time to act. For example, if a leak is coming from a gap in a skylight, using a caulking gun to seal the gaps should be the first course of action. Likewise, gutters may need a thorough cleaning.

However, it all depends on the severity of the leak and its location in the structure. While homeowners will want to tackle these issues themselves, it’s much easier to hire someone with expert knowledge.

Ceiling leaks and mold growth

In addition to damaging a home and property, continual water leaks in the ceiling can cause and accelerate mold growth.

Once residents have a mold problem, it is crucial to seek out mold remediation services. It just so happens that the experts at Five Star Restoration are well versed in finding, detecting and remediating mold.

Mold growth is a common phenomenon in households, and even a simple water leak from the ceiling contributes to the possible growth of toxic mold. Mold is a problem, although residents have no allergic reactions to it.

Prevent disasters in the future

Now that all ceiling leaks are sealed, Five Star Restoration outlines how homeowners should harness this momentum to ensure ceiling leaks don’t have an environment to thrive.

Some simple ways homeowners can prevent ceiling leaks include properly ventilating attics, checking skylights for gaps, and installing weatherproof barriers near vents. But the most important tool homeowners have in the fight against water damage and mold growth: expert training.

Repairing Water Damage in Murrieta with a Five-Star Restoration

Being proactive with ceiling leaks is crucial for a comfortable, stress-free life. And while homeowners can technically get their hands dirty and try to fix leaks, Five Star Restoration assures people that leaving it to the professionals is their best bet.

“The best way to fix a leaky roof problem is to get someone who knows what they’re doing. With a roof, homeowners can’t take any chances.

And that’s no small statement. According to Forbes, roof repairs, depending on their severity, can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Of course, these prices can fluctuate and vary from case to case. Even minor repairs can cost owners at least hundreds of dollars.

With larger repairs, owners can expect to shell out a lot of money. Often between $2,000 and $8,000. Five Star Restoration insists homeowners don’t have to wait; roofs are not only expensive to repair and replace, but they protect families.

“A roof protects a family, provides physical protection and keeps a home insulated from the elements. But a roof goes through a lot of wear and tear over its lifetime. It’s easy to overlook minor roof damage when it doesn’t directly affect homeowners. But once that ceiling starts to leak? It’s time to act.

Solve problems with five-star restoration

As of 2016, Five Star Restoration has been dedicated primarily to serving the Inland Empire community.

“We started Five Star Restoration because we recognized the need for a customer-focused business that always operates with kindness, excellent service and integrity while providing a workplace that values ​​work-life balance for its team,” said general manager Kevin Gray. .

This dedication to customer service, and in particular customer education, has been a constant pillar of Five Star Restoration’s approach to its work.
“We are committed to educating customers throughout the process so they can make the best decision to restore their home or business effectively and efficiently, while delivering five-star service every time.

Additionally, the Five Star Restoration team says their dedication to family helps them connect with their customers and what they need to do to help families thrive.

“We are husbands and fathers, so we understand that a safe home is crucial and that time is the most precious resource.”

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Five Star Restoration serves the repair and restoration needs of the Inland Empire and North San Diego. Whether it’s repairing water damage or preparing for a natural storm, the professionals at Five Star Restoration have homeowners covered.

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