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Ms. Hinch fans share an “amazing” trick for removing mold from the shower. »Common thread


Ms. Hinch fans share an “amazing” trick for removing mold from the shower.


Lime and mold can build up quickly in the shower.

Luckily, Ms. Hinch fans have shared simple and effective ways to get rid of these spots.

Ms. Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, is known to share unusual cleaning tips and tricks on the internet.

Its fans, who now number more than four million on social media, frequently share their own tips on dedicated Facebook pages, like how to get rid of mold in showers and bathrooms.

A woman asked on Ms Hinch’s Facebook page how to get rid of mold that can easily build up in the shower or shower tray.

“I just moved into a house and there is black mold on the sealant around the shower tray,” Buchanan wrote.

“I’ve tried Astonish Release agent three times, as well as Flash Bleach, and it still doesn’t budge.”

“I’m looking for suggestions.

Thank you.”

Thankfully, the post received a flood of comments within minutes, and Ms. Hinch’s fellow fans were quick to respond with helpful advice.

Some of the tips involved the use of chemical cleaning products, while others suggested using natural products that are commonly found in the home.

“Definitely the HG Foam Mold Spray – around £ 6, but totally worth it,” Clare Carpenter recommended.

The HG cleaning product was also recommended by other Ms. Hinch fans.

“HG mold spray, but it has a strong smell, we dry ours first, spray and go all day, then rinse, still seems to work,” said Andrew Boorn.

Replace the putty as an alternative.

“HG remover and leave it on for a few hours,” Delilah Russo wrote.

“The HG release agent is a good thing,” added Merissa Paskin.

Overnight, soak cotton balls in bleach.

“HG anti-mold spray,” Linda Newcombe said simply.

HG Mold Spray, which costs just £ 5 from Tesco, appears to be a popular choice for removing mold.

Other mold release products, along with bleach, were recommended by Ms. Hinch fans as additional cleaning methods.

“Mold Cif,” wrote Karen Hilton.

“Cilit Bang Mold and Mildew Spray,” Lesley Fawcett said.

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Gemma Evans shared a photo of a gel called Mold Magic, and many people agreed that it “really works.”

“I used that too,” Kiley Hykin said.

“It’s effective.”

“Incredible, isn’t it? Gemma continued.

Steve Eccles had this to say about it:

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