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Mold occupies Rowan University townhouses, mold removal suggests green mold removal spray to help solve problem

With a prepared mold release product, you can minimize the effects of mold if it ever develops.

Mold is wreaking havoc on the east coast. Rowan University’s townhouses are among those hard hit by his presence. To fix the problem, the university hired a contractor and an architectural engineer to check the contaminated student residences. However, for a safer and more affordable treatment, has advised the use of an organic based anti-mold spray.

Rowan University has 113 townhouses. Reportedly, 109 of them were contaminated with mold, as reported on However, recommendations to fix the problem were rejected by university officials, said Edward Knorr, the first entrepreneur hired by the university. He was even banned from campus, he added.

The allegations were, however, denied by university spokesman Joe Cardona. Contrary to what Knorr claimed, Cardona said they were following the protocols established by Knorr. However, they had to hire a new contractor for the cleaning required by “industry standards”.

In accordance with the ban, Cardona said they simply ordered Knorr to stop telling students false statements about the mold problem. The replaced contractor reportedly told the students that the mold contamination was life-threatening and that the university is not taking action to address it.

Here is an excerpt from the report Mold Causes Problems at Rowan University Townhouses from

“Rowan University townhouses are under siege. However, it is not by military force but by mold. And fittingly, university officials are already taking steps to address the problem. However, the contractor who created a report on the presence of mold claimed his suggestion was rejected by the university. Other than that, he said he had been stranded off campus. “

“According to a report by Edward Knorr, the entrepreneur hired and allegedly banned by the university, mold is present in 109 of Rowan’s 113 townhouses. Specifically, the fungi were prevalent in the ventilation systems of student residences.

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