Mold remover formula

Michael Rubino reveals the best ways to eliminate household mold – Exclusive

Household mold can contaminate more than walls and damp spaces – its invisible spores can settle anywhere in your home, including on furniture and carpets. Michael Rubino identified three basic surface types, each requiring a different cleaning approach: porous surfaces that absorb liquids, such as towels, clothing, and carpets; non-porous surfaces where water collects, such as sealed countertops and glass; and semi-porous surfaces, which absorb some water, such as raw wood and leather.

Porous materials, Rubino said, should be vacuumed thoroughly before machine washing or hand cleaning with a botanical laundry additive, such as EC3. “That being said, the absolute best option for these items/surfaces is to remove and replace them,” he said. Non-porous and semi-porous surfaces should also be vacuumed thoroughly, then sprayed with an EPA-approved cleaner, such as Benefect Decon 30. Wipe off the cleaner with a microfiber cloth after allowing it to sit for at least 30 seconds, and repeat the cleaning process at least three times, each time using a new section of the cleaning cloth. Semi-porous surfaces may need to be sanded (or otherwise abraded) and sealed after cleaning.