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How to clean mold from your tub with toilet paper


Whatever proven method you use to clean your tub, it can work wonders on tiles, the sink and other easily accessible parts. But it may not tackle the mold that’s deep in the crack between the tiles and the tub as well, let alone the corners.

Of course, you can attack these stains with an old toothbrush coated with your favorite cleaning solution. Or you can save yourself the hassle of scrubbing by turning to another bathroom staple: toilet paper. As Lifehacker Explain, the first step is to line the rim of the wall-mounted tub (where you see mold) with toilet paper twisted into string-like lengths. Then soak them in a bleach solution and press firmly on the mold.

Since you’re supposed to let this sit for about 12 hours, it’s best to leave the bathroom fan on and / or the windows open to dampen the bleach fumes. And if being around even slight bleach fumes seems intolerable for such a long time, you can try a bleach alternative like vinegar instead. Once the waiting period is over, remove the soggy toilet paper – with gloved hands, if you’ve opted for bleach – and marvel at the absence of mold. Then be sure to wash off the cleaner residue with water.

To see the hack in action before trying it out on your own tub, you can watch TikTok user @lilstepha_ demonstrate in this TikTok Video. Several reviewers recommended using cotton balls or cottons instead, as they are stronger and therefore less messy to remove than toilet paper. And if you only have mold in the corners of your tub, a few cotton balls might be your best bet.

[h/t Lifehacker]