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How Mold Assessors and Leak Inspectors Can Get Weekly Cash Flow

TORONTO, ON/ACCESSWIRE/July 18, 2022/ Property damage assessors are unsung heroes who keep people comfortable and safe in their homes despite the obvious potential health risks that come with your job. You will do everything possible to fix what needs to be fixed and get it done on time, which is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, however, you may have to deal with late payments from landlords or insurance companies and your business may run out of capital you and your team need to work because of this. For a company that provides an essential service, the cash flow problem is unfair. Luckily, your business can now rejoice because now there’s a financial partner that offers cash flow solutions to solve any cash shortage or late payment problem for good.

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Founded in 2010, the American company Black Diamond Funding Ventures, LLC. is a finance company that provides financial resources for personal injury claims, first party property claims, and bill purchase nationwide. Millie Varela, Director of Business Development at Black Diamond, spoke briefly about the company’s services saying, “Our company bridges the financial gap between the customer and the insurance companies. We relieve policyholders and business owners from the stress of working with insurance companies on their behalf and providing immediate funds for their insurance claims.

Black Diamond provides the much-needed value for property damage assessment services like yours, as Millie explains. “Black Diamond is built on a base of experts who know the insurance industry and understand the importance of every claim. We have established an immediate capital deployment pipeline for various insurance-related businesses that perform testing Basically, we help contractors with cash flow to help them maintain normal business operations by purchasing unpaid and/or new invoices for services rendered and we pay them in cash on a weekly.” Thus, Black Diamond’s services allow your business to acquire the necessary capital to operate, get your team paid every Friday, and maintain sufficient funds to grow the business.

The best part is that Black Diamond Funding services consist of just four simple steps. First, you send your company’s billing file to Black Diamond Funding. If your business is a treasury company unfamiliar with invoicing packages, the Black Diamond team helps you step-by-step with resources and templates to make the transition. Then, the team carefully examines your documents sent. Then, Black Diamond offers an incredible purchase price that will remain the standard price for all your future invoices. Finally, once the purchase price is settled, you and your team will be paid every weekend for approved invoices submitted. An easy-to-follow process with no hitches or headaches makes securing capital for your LD or MA department and staff a walk in the park.

On the business goals, Millie summed it up best when she said, “Black Diamond’s goal is to focus on helping service providers like you grow the business by taking the hassle out of working with insurance companies and providing consistent cash flow for their operations and payments. We continue to develop a simple, streamlined process that allows for personalized and transparent communication throughout the life of the claim. Our vision is to work seamlessly alongside industry leaders nationwide to deliver quality, fast-track financial solutions with unparalleled customer service to clients.

Diamonds are said to be formed by pressure. The truth is that Black Diamond Funding treats its leak detection or mold assessor clients like diamonds in the rough. Your company does the hard work with little to no complaints, and you do it for the people living in the homes you rate. Fortunately, Black Diamond Funding is on a mission to make sure you get paid every weekend. If you are looking for a financial service that solves your company’s cash flow problems, contact the team at Black Diamond Funding LLC.

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Black Diamond Funding Ventures, LLC (“Black Diamond” or the “Company”) is a finance company established in 2010 that provides financial resources for personal injury claims, first party property claims and purchase of invoices at national scale. The company’s goal is to bridge the financial gap between the customer and the insurance companies.


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