Mold remover formula

Get rid of nasty mold in a vehicle’s air vents



Just like a house, your car needs a deep spring cleaning. But we’re talking about more than vacuuming.

With just a box of disinfectant, a person can keep their vehicle’s air conditioning unit clean, preventing mold from taking root and causing respiratory problems.

The procedure is inexpensive and simple. When a person starts their car, pull on the brake and then set the air conditioning to a high power level. The system must not be in recirculation.

Now it’s time for some cleaning up.

Find the air vents near the windshield and spray the disinfectant several times. Repeat the process with the heat and normal ventilation settings as well.

Pam Oakes, an automotive technician, said this method should kill almost any mold and mildew buildup.

“They’re going to build up in what they call the ‘evaporator drain box’ and then that won’t allow it to drain properly and back up,” Oakes said.

Be sure to let the system run on each setting for a minute or two before spraying again.

Oakes said to do this air conditioning cleaning once a month.