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Cleaning crews ready to remove mold from Guilford County Jail

GUILFORD COUNTY, NC (WGHP) – Cleanup crews will spend the next two months removing mold from inside the Guilford County Detention Center in Greensboro.

Ten recently released test results reveal the extent of the problem and the lengthy removal process in the 10-year-old facility.

Environmental experts have found two types of mold around living units and mainly attributed the mold to poor air ventilation and humidity.

Experts air test and dab the surfaces of the third, fifth and seventh floors. A maintenance worker spotted the mold in early August.

The images show mold around the air vents and on the ceiling tiles and water damage above the showers.

Test results show high levels of pathogenic and allergenic fungi in 3A and 3D living units, which could trigger allergies or cause illness.

On August 9, a 42-year-old inmate told FOX8 that the problem was so bad he tried to handle it himself.

“Right now you can see mold and mildew growing in the shower,” the inmate said. “I actually had to call for maintenance because… there was water inside the shower, and there was mold and bugs and everything else flying around in the showers .

The results indicated broken drain vents in the showers, problems with the HVAC and leaving doors open in the recreation room during the summer are the reasons for the mold issues.

An outside team cleans the accommodations while inmates are temporarily moved to other parts of the building. Teams will retest the area before inmates are relocated.

Some units will need new vents, ceiling tiles and drywall.

A Guilford County spokesperson told FOX8 they are still awaiting 12 more test results, but stressed they have not found any toxic mold at this time.

Officials expect to complete testing and cleanup within two months.

This work is financed from the department’s maintenance budget.