Mold remover formula

How to clean mold from your tub with toilet paper

Whatever proven method you use to clean your tub, it can work wonders on tiles, the sink and other easily accessible parts. But it may not tackle the mold that’s deep in the crack between the tiles and the tub as well, let alone the corners. Of course, you can attack these stains with an […]

Mold remover formula

Nearly Seventy Marijuana Harvest Lots Recalled In Colorado Due To Mold Problems

Nearly seventy consignments of medical and recreational marijuana from a Denver dispensary have been recalled by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division on potential contamination by molds and yeasts. According to a health and safety advisory issued Oct. 15 by MED, seven medical marijuana harvest lots and one recreational marijuana lot grown by the Chronic Factory […]

Mold remover formula

The best mold repellents for a cleaner, safer home

Release agents are serious business – when you buy one you want to be sure it will work. No one wants mold in their home longer than necessary. (I know firsthand that mold is difficult to remove – so no judgment here if you are facing this problem in your home. Mold does happen.) Whether […]

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Mold Removal Guide – How To Clean Mold Using Natural Methods

Knowing how to get rid of mold is essential because it can be dangerous to your health and that of your family. Not only is it unsightly and has an unpleasant odor, it can also worsen respiratory diseases and allergies. Even if you clean it regularly, you can still get mold, and it can quickly […]

Mold remover formula

How to prevent mold outbreaks after flooding your home

If you are attempting your own cleaning, the EPA recommends that you wear the correct equipment. While you don’t have to wear a full hazmat suit, you should cover your eyes, nose, and hands when trying to remove mold. You should also wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and work shoes. Here’s how to limit […]

Natural mold removal

Black mold removal guide – get rid of black mold safely

Black mold isn’t just nasty, it can be dangerous. Black mold is a fungus that grows from spores and requires a food source, a place to grow, oxygen, and moisture to grow. Yes, there are associated health risks and it’s important to tackle the problem early, but finding black mold doesn’t have to be a […]

Mold remover formula

Solved! What kills mold in the house once it’s identified?

Photo: Q: I think I found mold in my house. What is the best product to kill mold once identified? A: When a homeowner positively identifies mold in their home, it is essential to take care of it as early as possible, so that mold spores do not spread. Mold can cause several underlying […]

Mold remover formula

Tips for testing and removing black mold

Photo: There are different types of mold found in nature, many of which are not harmful, but mold is not something everyone wants to see inside the home. Experts say that diseases like toxic mold syndrome have no scientific basis and are just hype; However, mold can cause reactions in people who are allergic […]

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Mold occupies Rowan University townhouses, mold removal suggests green mold removal spray to help solve problem

With a prepared mold release product, you can minimize the effects of mold if it ever develops. St Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) April 14, 2012 Mold is wreaking havoc on the east coast. Rowan University’s townhouses are among those hard hit by his presence. To fix the problem, the university hired a contractor and an architectural […]