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$9 Bell Dream silicone popsicle mold makes refreshing treats

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That cooling sensation you get from devouring a cold popsicle during a heatwave can feel almost heavenly. A fan can lower the temperature in your home, but making your own frozen concoctions definitely soothes your taste buds. And for “easy pop out” popsicles, you have to try the Bell Dream Silicone Popsicle Mold which is only $9 on Amazon.

Whether you plan to make a traditional creamsicle or juice, you’ll be amazed by the nostalgia-inducing Bell Dream Popsicle Mold. Amazon shoppers say he has a knack for bringing them “back to childhood.” The main difference between this mold and that of your youth? It’s made from durable BPA-free silicone that will upgrade your good ol’ plastic popsicle tray, and reviewers say it “works like a charm.”

The flexible, food-grade silicone popsicle mold makes the freezing process “as easy as a pea”, confirms one reviewer. It also helps you gently push the pops out, even without running hot water over them. And because it’s made of heat-resistant silicone, the tray is dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup.

You can make two different sizes of molds with this fun popsicle tray. And unlike other popsicle molds, this one comes with reusable pop sticks, which means no more wooden aftertaste from traditional popsicle sticks. Plus, it comes with a funnel to insert your mess-free liquid mix and a small brush to clean it by hand.

The mold is ideal for shoppers who want to personalize their frozen treats. Reviewers say they’ve used it to reduce added sugar and make keto-friendly desserts. And while many use it as a traditional fruit popsicle maker, some shoppers make more unique desserts out of it, including pickles (yes, with pickle juice), banana pudding popsicles, and even popsicles. . Yum!

“Excellent popsicle mould!” writes an Amazon buyer. “The popsicles slid right off with no hot water pairing or tugging. I’ve always used hard plastic popsicle containers, so this silicone mold has been a life changer in my popsicle world!”