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8 Best Bathroom Fans to Stop Mold and Mildew

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A wet shower or bath can be relaxing, but the resulting humidity can lead to fogged up mirrors and harmful physical damage to the bathroom itself. This humidity facilitates the growth of mold and mildew, which can become dangerous for your family and take time to eliminate. Bathroom fans help get rid of that unwanted moist air by ventilating it out of your roof or soffit and can also keep your bathroom cool and clean.

What to consider

When choosing a bathroom fan, you must first ensure that it has the airflow capacity to effectively ventilate your bathroom. This is relatively easy to figure out by referring to the CFM (cubic feet per minute) metric of the fan you are considering. The CFM number will indicate how much air the fan will be able to move effectively, and by determining the square footage of your bathroom, you should be able to confidently choose a fan that will suit your space. For example, if you have a 100 square foot bathroom, make sure you have a fan of at least 100 CFM.

Another important factor to keep in mind is how easy or difficult it is to install the fan in your home. All of the options on this list will need to be hardwired to your home’s existing electrical supply, so if you’re planning on tackling the installation yourself, you’ll need to be very comfortable with electrical wiring. If not, you will need to hire an electrician or handyman to do the job for you. Remember that hiring a professional can potentially cost several hundred dollars, depending on the fan and your bathroom layout, so be sure to take that cost into account when calculating your bathroom budget. bathroom fan.

How we selected

When evaluating the fan options for this list, we consulted reputable review sites and also relied on our own hands-on experience installing and replacing similar devices. We’ve used our own experience to include high-quality brands we know and trust, like Broan-NuTone and Panasonic. Keeping in mind that not everyone will have the same bathroom setup, we’ve included an option for those simply replacing their existing fan, as well as those installing a bathroom fan for the bathroom. first time. Plus, as bathrooms can vary in size, we’ve also done our best to include a good range of airflow capacities, so whatever your space, you should find a suitable option.

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Best low cost option

bathroom exhaust fan

  • Low cost
  • Impressive PCM
  • Simple to install

Key specs

  • Power source: Cable
  • PCM: 70
  • Light: Nope

If you don’t have the budget for a more expensive fan, this low-cost model might be just right. It lacks the bells and whistles of other models, but still delivers 70 CFM, and quick-connect wiring makes installation easy if you’re comfortable doing the job yourself. I

It’s not the quietest option, however, and at 2.0 sone is one of the loudest fans on our list. It also doesn’t feature a light, so unless you already have a dedicated bathroom light that you’re happy with, you might want to consider another option.


Ideal for maximum illumination

Exhaust ventilation integrated in the ceiling with LED light

  • 13 inch LED
  • Quiet operation

Key specs

  • Power source: Cable
  • PCM: 50
  • Light: LEDs

If you’re more interested in maximum lighting coverage than fan power, this Homewerks fan might be a perfect choice. Its 13-inch LED produces an impressive 900 lumens, which also makes it useful for other spaces that could benefit from ventilation, such as a laundry room or exercise room.

Keep in mind that its 50-CFM is relatively weak, so if you have a particularly large room, you might want to choose a more powerful unit. This low CFM translates to a quieter fan, making it ideal for those who want to avoid a noisy device.


Better humidity detection

Bathroom fan with automatic humidity sensor

  • Powerful PCM
  • Quiet operation

Key specs

  • Power source: Cable
  • PCM: 140
  • Light: Nope

The built-in sensor in this fan lets you use it in either manual mode or humidity-sensing mode, with the latter automatically turning it on when the humidity level in your bathroom (or any other space you’re in). ‘use) reaches 60%.

This setting increases the overall efficiency of the model and ensures that it will continue to remove humidity from the room, even when you are not there. At 140 CFM it’s also one of the most powerful options on our list, but it’s also available in 50, 80, or 110 CFM versions, so no matter what size your bathroom is, you should find one. option that fits your space.

However, this fan does not include a light, so it will not be suitable for a bathroom without a separate light.


Easiest to keep clean

Flexible bathroom ventilation

  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for installation without an attic

Key specs

  • Power source: Cable
  • PCM: 80
  • Light: LEDs

This Broan-NuTone 80 CFM fan utilizes a grille with minimal vents, a design that not only makes cleaning easier, but also provides a smooth, clean appearance.

It’s relatively easy to install if you plan to do it yourself and are comfortable with live wiring. It’s also designed to be simple to assemble without requiring access to an attic, making it ideal for bathrooms in the basement or first floor of your home.

This fan comes with a 3-year warranty, and if you want a little more power, it’s also available in a 110-CFM version.


The easiest to install

DC Retrofit Ventilation Fan with Light

  • Helpful installation video
  • Airflow selector

Key specs

  • Power source: Cable
  • PCM: 50, 80, 110
  • Light: LEDs

Our favorite feature of this Panasonic fan is its adjustable airflow selector, which lets you choose between 50, 80, or 100 CFM. It also features a dimmable 10-watt LED panel that can be dimmed to a convenient nightlight setting.

A Flex-Z bracket makes it easier to mount the unit to your ceiling joists and could definitely come in handy for anyone planning to install this fan themselves.

It’s not the most affordable option, but it might be worth the hefty price tag, especially if you’re looking for a relatively easy setup.


Best color change option

ChromaComfort ventilation fan

  • Powerful PCM
  • Can be controlled with your phone

Key specs

  • Power source: Cable
  • PCM: 110
  • Light: LEDs

The color-changing LED on this Broan-NuTone fan can add a unique and colorful ambiance to any bathroom, which could be especially fun for families with young children.

You can choose between one of the 24 colors available with a wall controller or by using the connected smartphone application. Its 110-CFM output is powerful enough for bathrooms up to 105 square feet, and since it’s approved for use over your shower or tub, it should capture much of that steam before it reaches the rest of the bathroom.


Best with heating

Ceiling heater, fan and light combo

  • Suitable for rooms up to 100 square feet
  • 3 year warranty
  • Requires you to buy an incandescent bulb

Key specs

  • Power source: Cable
  • PCM: 110
  • Light: Incandescent

This fan includes a built-in heater, making it a great option for those who want a warm and cozy bathroom, but don’t want to turn on the heat all over the house. It’s still a powerful fan, with an impressive 110 CFM capacity, and is well suited for bathrooms up to 100 square feet.

At 0.9 sones, it’s also quieter than nearly every other option on our list, which is always a nice plus. This fan doesn’t use LEDs like most other fans, though, and you’ll need to supply the necessary incandescent bulb. If your priority is a high quality 1500 watt heater, this fan is a great choice.


Best online option

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Kit Online

  • Allows you to ventilate two bathrooms
  • Includes U-shaped adapter

Key specs

  • Power source: Cable
  • PCM: 250
  • Light: Nope

This inline fan allows you to connect a single fan to two separate exhaust inlets, which could be ideal for those with large spaces who want to place a vent above their shower as well as in the center of the bathroom. room. With its 250 CFM capacity, you can even use it to ventilate two separate bathrooms if you wish.

While installing inline fans can be more complicated than simply replacing a single existing fan, this one makes things a little easier by including a three-way U-adapter, along with the hose clamps you need. will need for the job.

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